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My name is Akinsal and I am a traveller, amateur blogger, nature lover, art enthusiastic, collector, engineer and business communicator.

Among all my personal and professional interests, traveling has always had a special place in my life since my high school years. Visiting new places, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures are what traveling means to me and this is exciting.

Each trip is a story to read, something that disturbs daily routines and giving you something new to dream about. My own Bodrum story is no exception. The things I experienced, the people I met and the places I visited led me to prepare Enjoy Bodrum. I had never expected that it would soon evolve to such a satisfying hobby and a versatile personal development tool.

I live and work in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. I travel to Bodrum and other Aegean destinations as often as I can. This is the best I can do to keep this blog and myself fresh and updated as possible. It is a responsibility I eagerly accepted, and it comes with new and uncharted opportunities to explore The Aegean like I had never done before.

Bodrum Kite Festival (thanks to Cana Ungun fo the beautiful photo)
Bodrum Kite Festival (thanks to Cana Ungun fo the beautiful photo)

As Enjoy Bodrum has become known more among its visitors and locals, collecting information is becoming more fun and getting easier. As my blog covers more information, I receive more questions and feedback from you so that I know better what is next. After so many years, I am amazed to realize how deep is the culture, how old is the history and how beautiful is the Aegean region. When I think about it, I suddenly recall a quote I read long ago;

The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know

Albert Einstein

Early Career

I was born and raised in Ankara as a single child. Both of my parents are actors and my childhood was quite an experience and fun. There was art and literature all around me.

My parents’ nationwide tours, TV and radio programs and evening theatre performances were not helping to create a suitable environment for raising a child, though. My grandmother and my aunt stepped forward and took me to provide a more regular home for my education. Still, I was able to join my parents in their tours where I learned the life in big cities is not the whole story and there are more to find out when you travel.

My family and friends were expecting me to join the conservatory after high school. I was planning the same as well. But you know what they say: When you plan something, God smiles.

Something I don’t remember happened and I decided to go to one of the most popular universities of Turkey: Middle East Technical University for becoming an engineer. I won the national university exam and took my bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from METU.

Trek to ancient city Pedesa of Lelegians
Trek to ancient city Pedesa of Lelegians

After graduation, I started to work as a site engineer for a big construction company. It was my first time to meet foreign cultures. My first assignment was at a Turkish – German consortium working for a Canadian company. The site was on the top of a mountain which was 1,5 hours away from the nearest city. I was surrounded by foreign engineers I could hardly understand and local workers with the strangest accent I had ever heard. Still, I was enjoying their company because they were different than me or anybody I knew so far.

As an engineer, I travelled a lot across the country and met lots of people. My specialization was building ore processing plants. However, it is hard to find one in a city where you can socialize and enjoy concerts and art exhibitions. Eventually, I felt I was done with living a deserted and remote life and I moved back to the big city life.

Deep into the Cultural Diversity

I still wonder what would happen if I remained as a site engineer. The satisfaction of seeing a plant working after installing it one screw at a time has never come back. However, it replaced with the joy of strategic planning and efforts to create a well-known brand after I started to work at a French automation company’s marketing team. Then I moved to a German pressurized air company and I finally found myself at Intel Corporation where I shaped my career path as a business communicator.

At Intel, we were responsible for 49 countries in Middle East, Turkey and Africa region. During those 11 years, I had found many opportunities to travel domestically and internationally. I was organizing and presenting events for both customers and employees.

My company supported me a lot by providing me the necessary training to let me perform better at work. I have joined dozens of marketing and train-the-trainer courses and certificate programs in various countries in Europe, Africa and the US. My daily tasks were including creating local brands, giving speeches at universities and corporate events in the same region.

"Smart Cities & Art" event in Bodrum
“Smart Cities & Art” event in Bodrum

During my time at Intel, I have organized more than 300 events and gave speeches to more than 40K people in my region and I enjoyed every moment. I enjoyed it so much that I went back to university once more and took another degree on Brand Communication after 40.

Although corporate life brought me amazing opportunities to learn new things and apply them in real life, there are times which require turning to new directions. One of those times was on the corner so, I took the turn and set up my own small consulting and training company in 2013.

I kept doing what I like and started to offer organizing corporate and training events for local and multinational companies. After years passed in emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East, I also offered marketing consultancy for those who would like to expand their business to new markets. I still do!

When I was thinking the pros and cons of having my own business, my Bodrum story had already begun. I was looking for more time to travel while still making a living. Bodrum is a popular tourist destination and my CV filled with corporate achievements has a limited use there.

I had to connect both worlds somehow and I have started by calling my business “Arti Mavi” which means “Plus Blue” in Turkish. The name reflects what I want to achieve: I wanted to add some Bodrum blue to my business which is in Ankara, 600km away from the town I want to spend the rest of my life.

Those who would like to learn more about my business can visit Arti Mavi’s homepage for more details.

Travel and Hobbies

Getting to know somebody is never easy and the same applies to knowing self. I have always been a travel fan, but I wasn’t completely aware of its importance in my life. I was surprised when I realized it is in almost everywhere in my life,

Take collecting stamps, for example. I have been collecting stamps since I was 5 and the thrill of receiving a letter with stamps from another country has never faded.

As a member of The Jazz Society of Turkey, ethnic jazz with distant and less known sounds has always had priority over the unbeatable giants of the classic jazz era.

Sailing at AYK-BAYK cup
Sailing at AYK-BAYK cup

I like sailing and the reason why I have my certificate is my dream to sail to the Caribbean through Mediterranean which I couldn’t check so far.

The books I read, the web sites I follow are all leading to a common ground: travel and adventure. Similarly, I have decided to learn building a web site and here we are on, my travel blog.

Enjoy Bodrum helps me to improve my English, motivates me to take better pictures and teaching me web design and keeping me connected to Bodrum and other travel dreams. Now I can even use basic Photoshop techniques as well!

Thank you for being here, reading these lines and helping me to create something good and useful. As always, I would appreciate your contributions to making it an outstanding resource. Just contact me

All the best,

Akinsal from Enjoy Bodrum


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