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Bodrum is one of the most popular towns in Turkey, for locals, and for foreigners alike. While it is a small town with modest population, its history, nature, art life, climate and the endless possibilities for outdoor and indoor activities attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world each year. Hence, it is a living, breathing town, active not just in the summer months, but every day of the year.

My name is Akinsal and I am a traveller who stopped by in Bodrum years ago and amazed with the culture, history and lifestyle of this lovely town and the gorgeous peninsula. Since then, I have been taking all opportunities to travel there to discover more and more.

Bodrum city view
Bodrum city view

The purpose behind preparing such a web site is to provide some specific information to enhance your vacation. I am not going to talk about only the touristic attractions; I am also going to talk about the local culture, history, and life. So, I hope this web site will add value to your vacation by providing various alternatives to make your planning efforts easier.

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The Story of Your Own

Stories about this lovely town usually start with a stunning view of the castle rising over Aegean waters but never end. Each step in the peninsula takes you to another beginning and at the end, every traveller gets a unique experience of her own. Because there is a different Bodrum for everyone!

This site is about my search to find my own Bodrum and hopefully these pages may help you to find yours as well.

White Bodrum houses
White Bodrum houses

This beautiful place is one of the best kept open secrets in the Mediterranean and the world. If it is the long history, beautiful nature, fine art, golden beaches, bright sun, incomparable ambiance, robust night life or just the local culture that you are looking for, that means your story is there waiting for you.

My first time, however, was not one of the brightest starts but in time my own story has become better and better and is still being written.

Bodrum Charm

Bodrum is simply a divine combination of history and culture garnished with nature for those willing to learn, understand and experience.

Aegean Sea over the castle walls
Aegean Sea over the castle walls

You can be a tourist or a traveller and Bodrum serves well for both.
If you are a tourist looking for relaxation, enjoying sun and golden beaches of the peninsula, this is the right place to be. On the other hand,

If you are a traveller willing to discover history, meet a unique culture and mingle with warm and friendly locals after new adventures, this could be a unique and memorable experience to get through.

Since my first time, I have met new people and seen new places. I have read books, talked to locals, and spent time with them together. I am not completely stranger to the local culture; after all I am from Izmir even if I have had to work and live in Ankara for a long time.

Eventually the spirit of the Aegean has took over me and at some point, I started to feel like I have been a part of this city since the beginning of time. I liked this feeling and I decided to dive deeper into the culture and share my experiences on the way. So was born.

Dirt road in Gumusluk
Dirt road to the Gumusluk coast

To be honest, when I started to make my own blog in 2013, I did not know that I was going to love it so much! Now I know it is an exciting, satisfying, and relaxing effort especially when I hear from you! When I do, it even gets better and becomes amazing.

You are the one who keep me motivated, maintain my enthusiasm, and encourage me to make this site better for you. I am so thankful to all of you for visiting my blog, reading my lines, sharing your ideas and comments, and asking questions.

Hope to see you in Bodrum!

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Enjoy Bodrum

I am Akinsal and I am here to guide you on your search for finding your own Bodrum.

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